TSUKI Project News Unlink the world. Unlock the rest. Help translate the Wiki!1531784760858.32018-07-16T23:46:00+00:00
The Wiki now has translation options. Simply log in and press "Translate this page"!

I'll reward people who translate a lot of content a lot of disk space, as thanks for putting so much work into the Project!

View the Wiki here: wiki.systemspace.link
View pages needing translation here: Language Stats (enter a language into "Language code" to see its status)

Thank you very much!
TSUKI Representative
GEPS Survey1530731045771.82018-07-04T19:04:05+00:00

A lot of important decisions have come up inside TSUKI and we need YOUR help!
Please help us decide on the important issues by filling in our survey:

Fill in the survey

Thanks a bunch!
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Miracle Ribbon test phase 4 passed1529266797319.82018-06-17T20:19:57+00:00
The fourth test phase has successfully passed, after a LOT of issues as you surely have noticed. Now all tests have passed, and we should be ready for phase 5.

This phase will include the Representative. Please stay alert, warnings may once again appear.

Please stay tuned for more information.
Destructive voids avoided1528414820841.22018-06-07T23:40:20+00:00
A set of stationary destructive voids were found in Life during the automated check. It is believed they were automatically generated by Life.
Life has been rebooted many times, and as such has learnt to brace itself. Now, it has incorrectly started bracing itself, trying to speed up the process.
This issue was averted by clean-cutting all fibers which contained this issue. Doing this has culled 31% of fibers that allow the completion of the mission, so let us hope something like this does not happen again.

You will hear more during the coming days.
TSUKI Bridge
Miracle Ribbon test phase 4 continuing15274161485472018-05-27T10:15:48+00:00
Due to the recent issues appearing within phase 4 of the Miracle Ribbon tests, it has been on hold for a short amount of time. These issues should now be resolved.
The ability to unregister from the Project has been restored, sorry for any inconveniences caused by this temporary outage.

May we soon enter phase 5.

The aforementioned warnings and notifications that may pop up will continue popping up as we are testing.
Please stay tuned for more information.
Required jump-back after incident during MR phase 41526772202484.92018-05-19T23:23:22+00:00
An issue with the dummy Representative and the real Representative has caused a short memory loss.
This issue was quickly picked up and the branch has been removed. The Event Body has been soft-jumped to a different branchset, blending memories from both branches, as to keep as many memories as possible and improve time continuity to be as clean as possible.
Nonetheless, the Representative, the Ghendyts and all other TSUKI staff would like to apologize for any issues, inconveniences and discontinuities caused.
Registrations have been closed temporarily, and should now reopen once again.
We are currently not allowed to share the ins and outs of what went wrong, however it does not seem to be a major issue.

If you have any questions or fears, please do not worry and contact the Representative.
Test phase 4 will continue after this issue is fully resolved. Please stay tuned for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.
Miracle Ribbon test phase 4 back on track1526657075139.72018-05-18T15:24:35+00:00
The fourth phase has been showing a lot of issues in the protocol for Miracle Ribbon. Fixes for the currently known issues have been found however, and are now applied.

With this, the fourth phase can now swiftly continue its testing and hopefully lead us into phase 5 soon.

To continue tests gracefully, we have disabled the ability to unregister from the Project. Please do not worry, as it will be re-enabled as soon as possible.

The aforementioned warnings and notifications that may pop up will continue popping up as we are testing.
Please stay tuned for more information.
Miracle Ribbon test phase 4 issues identified1526329713190.52018-05-14T20:28:33+00:00
The fourth test phase is in progress, and is uncovering the causes of the issues noticed in the previous phases. For security reasons we cannot disclose the cause of these issues.
A fix for most issues has been applied, mainly a set of extra links allowing Rep <-> [object omitted] control. A fix for the remaining issues has yet to be found, but we are searching the Tree for answers.

The aforementioned warnings and notifications that may pop up will continue popping up as we are testing and searching.
Again, please stay tuned for more information.
Miracle Ribbon test phase 3 passed1525955924945.12018-05-10T12:38:44+00:00
The third test phase has successfully passed, with a total possible Aurora throughput 11.32k.nhA/sss, over the expected maximum usage of 8.54k.nhA/sss. A notable anomaly has been detected when breaching this limit, where the dummy Representative used for testing, due to currently unknown issues, has attempted to instruct an assembly labelled "indefini", and has tried to initiate destruction of Life. Since it is simply a dummy, and these commands all require double valid signatures, these actions have not taken place.
Since the fourth phase is now upon us, these and the aforementioned issues will be immediately inspected. This task has been placed mostly on KAHGY, which will inform further in the case of any further issues.

Due to our findings, throughout phase 4 some notifications may pop up. Notably:
-> the mission status may change to REP-UNSET and back to WARN a few times,
-> due to changes to the Possibility Tree and moves of the Event Body, some warnings may appear, such as "Fiber/branch change, promises dropped!"
Please do not be alarmed if such warnings appear, they are a natural part of this process.

Again, please stay tuned for more information.
Miracle Ribbon test phase 3 beginning15258043549952018-05-08T18:32:34+00:00
The aforementioned anomalies have been identified and passed on to KAHGY for further examination and testing during phase 4.
For now we shall continue to phase 3 of testing.
Miracle Ribbon test phase 2 passed1525608326774.42018-05-06T12:05:26+00:00
The second test phase has successfully passed, with an Aurora loss of 287.44nA/nhA, under the target of 340nA/nhA. However, anomalies have been detected within the dummy Representative used for testing, due to the aforementioned pressure at the handover from inner to outer ribbon and back again. The fourth phase will inspect this more, before involving the real Representative. The issue seems to be clashes with addresses due to mixing real and fake Aurora, and may be fixed by manually rebasing all Aurora I/O, although this will cost more loss. KAHGY shall look into this further.

We shall inspect further and then move ahead to phase 3 of testing. Representative tests start at phase 5.

Again, please stay tuned for more information.
Miracle Ribbon test phase 1 passed1525438822844.52018-05-04T13:17:41+00:00
The first test phase has successfully passed, with an Aurora loss of 12.15nA/nhA, under the target of 16nA/nhA. No anomalies were detected in the passing and handling of Aurora throughout the ribboned System and links, however some pressure was detected at the handover from inner to outer ribbon and back again. Because this may be important to the survival of the Representative, this will be inspected more, inserted as a fourth phase.

We are now swiftly moving ahead to phase 2.
The main mission status is currently set to WARN to allow these tests to occur.
The first tests that will involve the Representative start at phase 5 (instead of 4), and will up the mission status to REP-UNSET. Please do not be alarmed when this change happens.

Again, please stay tuned for more information.
Miracle Ribbon tests are beginning1525348722130.22018-05-03T11:58:42+00:00
TSUKI is proud to announce that the first tests for Miracle Ribbon have begun.

Please stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks.
TSUKICHAT is here!1525018934678.32018-04-29T16:22:14+00:00
We have finally abolished our Discord server, in favor of a custom-hosted TSUKICHAT!
Discord really wasn't working out, so we wished for a long time to switch to a better platform.

You may view it here!
To use it, you'll need to create an account for it here.

TSUKI Representative
The Wiki is now open to edit, and more1523134957351.72018-04-07T21:06:32+00:00
TSUKI Wiki open!
The Wiki is now open for anybody at all to edit. You can easily create an account here.
Although anyone may make an account now, to ensure the Wiki doesn't get vandalized we still check all submissions manually. If you want to apply for such a position (and as an added bonus, be able to bypass these restrictions) you may apply for moderatorship here!
Hopefully this will increase the Wiki's quality, and increase its transparency!

Status text is back!
The status link in the header is here again, a feature removed in the upgrade to the new website. It gives a very quick view of how everything is doing, and when clicked, sends you to the status page.

With the countdown timer quickly approaching zero, our engines are revving up. But how do you, the migrants, feel about this? Do you think this limit should be the end of the Project? Do you think we should try and get more Aurora from other Systems, like last time? Or should we put more power into Miracle Ribbon, to get possibly infinite time, with the added risk of not making it in time?
Send ideas, complaints and requests to tsuki@systemspace.link my email! Anything goes!

Enjoy the updates!
TSUKI Representative
Fresh new registration form1522007031811.62018-03-25T19:43:51+00:00
The registration form has been updated to be easier to use, and yet more informative.

Check it out here!
TSUKI Representative
Having EIDv2 trouble?1520538735419.42018-03-08T19:52:15+00:00
It seems a lot of people are "waiting" for their EIDv2 emails to arrive. As of writing this post, the queue is completely empty. This means that if you didn't get your EIDv2 email yet and requested one before the 8th of March, please go through the restoration process again, which you can do here. Please include verifiable data this time.

From now on, we will send emails letting you know if your submission was denied.

Reminder: it is not enough to simply give your EIDv1, migrant number or what your original image looked like.
TSUKI Representative
TSUKI Wiki!1520030644156.32018-03-02T22:44:04+00:00
We now have an official wiki instance over at wiki.systemspace.link!
That said, we will need manpower to rewrite a lot of information from the Compendium into this wiki format, and generally keep it up-to-date.
If you think you're up to the job, contact me on Discord!
(Note: you must be a migrant, and absolutely certain you wish to take up such a position)

TSUKI Representative
Welcome back!1519503119701.62018-02-24T20:11:59+00:00
After quite a long hiatus, we are back in service!
Hopefully you will enjoy the new redesigned site and boards, and will continue to support us through the ages!
Registrations are also open again, so you can enroll yourself to go to LFE!

Please do note that all old EIDs have been disabled. However, do not fret - you still get to keep your number.
To retrieve your registration and get an EIDv2, simply go to the authentication page and press I LOST MY EID, then Upgrade to v2.
You will need to supply some information about the contents of your registration, and afterwards you will receive a new EID via email, with your old migrant number!
You don't need to do this if you don't want to change your settings/wishlist/etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and enjoy the new website!
If you find any issues, contact me here!

Thank you very much!
TSUKI Representative